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The beauty of the natural environment can never be overemphasised because after all, nature inspires the rest of us to be creative and think beyond the obvious. Appreciation of nature can never be truly realised until one is out there and ready to interact with nature in its most primitive and untouched state. There is no doubt that human development has greatly interfered with the natural environment and the percentage of environment in its purest form is becoming smaller and smaller each day. For those people who live in rural areas, it is pretty easy for them to get in touch with nature almost on a daily basis unlike their urban counterparts who live more or less in an artificial world where they have to walk to zoos or animal orphanages in order to be in touch with nature.

However, the truth of the matter is that the zoos and animal orphanages in our cities and towns are not really natural, especially considering the fact that they are man-made set-ups built to accommodate wild flora and fauna. The same applies to museums. Our environment has been destabilised in such a way that it has become very difficult for nature to regenerate once human intrusion has taken place. However, we believe that it is never too late to do right in matters pertaining to the environment and that's why we have this forum to help you come up with creative and affordable solutions at home to help you come up with your own piece of nature, created by your own hands.

All the information you need about natue and wildlife: where to go, when to go

We will help you come up with that piece of beautiful garden that you have been yearning to have in you compound; providing you with all the information you need to make it spring into life. We have helped a number of home owners to come up with amazing exteriors which are inspired by nature and the most beautiful plant species to go for in order to achieve that unmatched natural beauty whether you live in an urban setting or a rural area.

For those of you who have a thing for organic foods and fruits; worry no more because our long expertise in this field has enabled us to know just the right way to go about it to achieve optimal results using even the smallest pieces of gardens that will ultimately help you live a healthy life using products derived straight from your organic garden. However, to have the ultimate experience of interacting with nature, it may be necessary to go a step further and take a trip outside the country to have a feel of untouched wild flora and fauna in their natural habitats.

Each week, we review some of the best tourist spots all over the world; whether it is a safari to the wildlife of Africa or a visit to the wild side of India, Australia, China or the tropical rainforests of the world. Our analysis is thorough and we equip all our readers with all the necessary information they need to travel abroad for the ultimate ecotourism experience. All the information is available here including visa arrangements, flights, hotels and restaurants to board, gate charges to the wildlife parks and so on. Get to know where you will see nature at its best, from hunters to preys-all from right here.

Take time to watch some of our videos on wildlife tourism to get a glimpse of what it's like. This is the digital home of nature. Feel free to join our world today and let's fall in love with nature.



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