Holiday Cruises That Explore The Caribbean Nature

Why is Caribbean so popular with holiday makers? Well, once you discover a paradise, chances are you will never want to forget it. From the sugar soft beaches to the gently swaying palms and the turquoise seas, Caribbean is definitely one of the world’s best holiday destinations.

You can choose between the seemingly deserted endless soft beaches for that alone time and the bustling local markets for that authentic experience. The tropical themed party nights will get you dancing under the stars as the cruise makes its way to the next stop. 

The Caribbean locals are known for their laid-back life style, making them part of the holiday adventure. Their leisurely life outlook makes them warm and welcoming, which helps you to relax and enjoy the islands as you unwind over a freshly prepared cocktail. These tropical islands always have some treasures to be explored from Barbados all the way to Mayreau.

The Caribbean Cruise Holidays

The cruise holidays are a perfect way to explore the Caribbean islands, whether travelling alone or with family. From glamorous tall ships to unbelievably large luxury cruises, you can get the deal that suits your budget. The cruise holidays can come as an all inclusive package that includes the tour experiences, meals and accommodation, all you have to do is pick the right package (Seayourhistory).

The Naples’ chic waterside city is the perfect place to start a cruise, and continue on as you explore south Florida’s natural landscapes right before you cruise to western Caribbean. Keep going on Cozumel (west coast of Mexico) and enjoy the Grand Cayman which is home to Caribbean’s best sandy beaches. you can take a break and relax on Jamaican Island as you enjoy the Bahamas pristine beaches.

Of course you can choose different cruise routes depending on what you want to see. There are endless reliable holiday planners that offer tailor made cruises around the Caribbean islands. Get an experienced planner to make the bookings for you so that you enjoy the unique charms, culture and history of each island.

The Caribbean Nature Holidays

When it comes to exploring the Caribbean nature, you can enjoy the scenery of the lush bird-rich gardens from the comfort of your hotel. However, if that is simply not enough for the ardent adventurer in you, you need to step out and enjoy nature up close in these mountainous islands. You can get an endless list of holiday planners to get you the plan that best suits your preferences. Here are some of the nature holidays you may want to consider.


The mountainous and green Dominica rises up majestically between Martinique and Guadeloupe, and it is the perfect place for nature lovers, divers and hikers. The island’s highlights include the 155 mile Waitukubuli hiking trail, the Champagne Reef that is perfect for snorkeling, and the geothermal springs that decorate the sea with bubbles. Accommodation facilities in Dominica are in plenty.

St Lucia

St Lucia is the most dramatic of all main islands of the Caribbean. Its mountainous interior is mainly covered by the lush rainforest with the pyramidal volcanic spires rising up abruptly from the sea to complete the picturesque scenery. This is the perfect island for guided treks through the rainforest, and the perfect cruise in a catamaran through the west coast.


This Dutch island is the perfect paradise for divers and hikers. Its lack of development and absence of predators in addition to well kept trails make it bird watchers paradise, with well over 80 bird species recorded so far. The island has a well organized marine park where divers can have the time of their lives. The best of the marine attractions being the formation left behind by the lava flows, pinnacles, and hot springs. 


One of the most incredible of all Caribbean sights is the majestic volcano (still smoking since its eruption in 1997). This volcano erupted with such might that two thirds of the island are now closed off. The Soufriere Hills’ eruption is an even more reason to visit and see in person its colossal effects. A trip from Antigua will give you the feel of the old style charm of the island as you sample the Irish heritage. You can also enjoy a hike or a dive in this Emerald Isle.

Nevis and St Kitts

If you like soft, sandy beaches, then Nevis is the place you should be. The low-lit, quiet beaches are home to leatherback, hawkbills and green turtles. The hawkbills are pretty common here, and the summer is the perfect period to see these birds crawl into the sandy beaches to lay their eggs. You can relax on the Lovers Beach while here.


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